Want an Epically Fun Wedding? Get an Epic DJ

Far too many couples have suffered from uttering one of the most devastating sentences in wedding planning: “Let’s just ask [insert hipster name here] to DJ, she/he has great taste in music.” While this statement seems simple and sensical, be warned; allowing this idea to come to fruition may result in a serious reduction in the ‘epically fun level’ of your wedding.

Best Gay WEdding Blog EverNow, no offense to your music-afficionado friends. They are probably the best people to ask about your iTunes investment or where in the city to finally debut the twerking you’ve been practicing in the bathroom mirror. But a love of the best music does not automatically make someone a DJ. A talented disc jockey is a true artist, thoughtfully sampling from the immense world of music to masterfully intertwine epic bass lines, hip-thrashing beats, and soulful anthems to lead a crowded dance floor through a stereophonic experience.

If dancing and partying are an important part of your perfect reception, do not underestimate the significance of having an experienced DJ. Using your personal music tastes, favorite songs, and intended tone for the wedding, a talented DJ will be able to create a soundscape that allows your guests to get lost in the evening. Don’t rely on your tween nieces or your former-ballroom dancer relatives to keep the dance floor pumping. Be sure that the auditory experience of your guests compliments the story and setting you intend to convey with all the other sensory elements.

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverNow I’m sure you’re thinking, “Aren’t DJs expensive?” True, many DJ packages may seem like a big investment. But if it is a priority that your guests really ‘dance the night away,’ then you may want to seriously consider a package like this so you can throw the ‘biggest party of the year’ (plus many DJ packages include lighting, which is also an important element to you wedding, as described in this post). However, if this is an area where you cannot devote as much of your budget, take the time to find someone who actually has DJ experience.

So let’s do a quick check: If your cousin says, “I’ll be your DJ, I have all the best songs in my iPhone,” what is your response? If you would change the subject by saying, “Wow, you really look great, have you lost weight?,” congratulations! You’re one step closer to ensuring every sensory detail contributes to your dream wedding. (And if you even thought about saying, “Sure, at least I can check that off the planning list,” I urge you to seek counseling as soon as possible. Change starts with you. But I digress…)

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