How to Put On a Fabulous Gay Wedding

Hi there, my name is Kristen-Alexzander Griffith. I am a twenty-something year old man living in NYC. Alright, alright I am 28 years old, there I said it. Now that we have gotten the ugly truth out of the way we can get to the real dirt! Soooo…I’m getting married…to a man!!! I know, I know, you are so excited for me and happy that I have found love in this city of strangers. Or is that Chicago. Well, either way I am excited too!!! But honestly, we all know that weddings can be stressful when trying to plan them ourselves. They can be even more stressful when you are a gay man trying to plan a wedding. While I am able to live up to most of the stereotypes, (you know… good looking, well groomed, well organized, well versed and oh, did I mention good looking?) I am clueless when it comes to a gay wedding. I was so shocked when I put in a simple google search for “gay weddings” and came up with a handful of crappy listings as results. It’s like all of these heterosexual establishments the day they approved gay marriage in New York decided to get together and put a gay flag banner on their website just to draw in an untapped market. Booooo/Hissss! One website is for a business based in JERSEY, hello!! We can’t cross state lines yet sister, give me a break!!

The truth is, there was and still is very little information about what colors work, where to have the damn thing and most of all how to make a wedding cake masculine while still fulfilling every gay groom’s dream. Hey since we are gay grooms why don’t I go ahead and call us “ga-rooms.” Huh, cute? I hate it! Nope, I’m going back to grooms. I guess that is part of my initial frustration, how do you find your identity as a gay couple about to tie the knot without history to show you the way. It’s kind of exciting to be part of a generation that will usher in new traditions and practices when it comes to weddings. Oh, and for all you haters out there – gay men and women like things that are traditional too. It’s the things that are traditional and UGLY that we have no tolerance for. That you can keep for yourself. Trust me when I tell you, you are only doing you and your wedding party a disservice when you decide to wear white, knowing good and well they used 3 yards of fabric just for the waist line; and you sir, in the cummerbund, shame on you sir, no man should be caught dead in the same thing pimply-faced boys wear to junior prom! Shame!! But I digress…

I thought it was time to hear stories and advice straight from the horse’s mouth, that horse being your’s truly!! So over the next, I dunno, year or so you and I will go on a journey. A journey to the big day: our wedding. I will share with you all the juicy experiences as my lovely groom and I try to figure out how the hell we are going to pull of a fabulous wedding on a budget. I am sure this experience will be full of hilarious stories, tears of joy, tragic tuxedos and terrible wedding cake! But best believe, by the time we are done you and your future Mr. or Mrs. will certainly know one thing: What not to do when planning your wedding!

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