Ask Kristen! – A Small Affair

Bob from Ashland, Oregon asks: My partner and I are planning to get married in New York City. We want a simple ceremony after getting our license at the City Clerk’s office. We will be having two couples and close family members all from California in attendance. Since we are all from out of state I’m having some difficulty getting things arranged. Again we would like a simple but meaningful ceremony. Can you help us?

First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We hear from lots of couples who opt to keep things small and simple, and the beauty of this plan is that you will get to celebrate the happiest day of your life with just your closest friends and family (and not your mumbling Uncle Wolfgang that you HAD to invite to round out the numbers!)

Not to brag, but the fact that you are coming to NYC for your wedding already makes it a meaningful special soiree. NYC is the best city on earth, who wouldn’t want to get married here! But I digress…

In the spirit of keeping things simple, the first thing you should decide is what your priorities are… Take a minute to think of your dream wedding. What was the most important element to you? Was it the vows, the location, the food, the music, the wardrobe, the pictures, the flowers…? Choose one or two elements to focus your attention and money on, and keep the rest simple.

Above all, every wedding, no matter the size, is fueled by the love of the couple and the love of the people surrounding them. Invite your guests to be an active part in this monumental occasion by asking them to help create a heartfelt guest book, participate in a unity candle ceremony, or provide their best wishes through toasts in the celebration to follow your ceremony. But be sure to give a strict time limit on toasts. Anything longer than three minutes runs the risk of becoming a Shakespearean soliloquy…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Simple doesn’t have to mean meaningless it just means fuss free. And let’s be honest, fuss free is fabulous!

Ask Kristen!

Wedding Planner: Local or Destination?
Diana from Saginaw asks: When you get married in a different city/state than the one you live in, do you hire a wedding planner in the city you live in or the city you’re getting married in?

Planning a wedding in another city can really be a challenge for even the most organized bride or groom. In your case, I would most definitely hire a wedding planner in the city where the actual wedding is going to take place. Not only can a local wedding planner use their connections find vendors like florists, photographers and caterers to make your special day perfect, but a local wedding planner can also help you out in a pinch… like telling you where to get a flask that will fit in your back pocket for when your family starts driving you nuts at the rehearsal dinner, 0r where to quickly locate a beauty supply store when your flat iron looks too much like a weapon of mass destruction to make it through airport security. Whatever the reason, go local. Finally, a long distance relationship worth the hassle.

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