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Wedding Planner: Local or Destination?
Diana from Saginaw asks: When you get married in a different city/state than the one you live in, do you hire a wedding planner in the city you live in or the city you’re getting married in?

Planning a wedding in another city can really be a challenge for even the most organized bride or groom. In your case, I would most definitely hire a wedding planner in the city where the actual wedding is going to take place. Not only can a local wedding planner use their connections find vendors like florists, photographers and caterers to make your special day perfect, but a local wedding planner can also help you out in a pinch… like telling you where to get a flask that will fit in your back pocket for when your family starts driving you nuts at the rehearsal dinner, 0r where to quickly locate a beauty supply store when your flat iron looks too much like a weapon of mass destruction to make it through airport security. Whatever the reason, go local. Finally, a long distance relationship worth the hassle.

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