Best Gay Porn with Alex Mecum

Josh Peters and Alex Mecum star in this great step father son fantasy by for ‘Drill My Hole.’
College student, Alex Mecum, speaks to his mother on the phone. She has just rung him to tell him that his muscular stepfather, Josh Peters, will be in town and that he needs to stay the night at Alex’s place. Alex isn’t happy about it but agrees to what she asks, not long after the call there is a knock at the door and Josh walks in.
Alex tries to stay away from him but he comes home later that day to find Josh lying naked except for his tight white briefs on the couch. Alex tries to ignore him but finds it impossible when Josh, who is laying on his front now, pulls his briefs down and asks Alex if he wants a bit. Alex says no to begin with, but is quickly mesmerized by the site of his stepfather showing him his firm white ass.
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Alex can’t help himself as he gets on the couch on his knees and buries his tongue into Josh’s musky smelling asshole. Josh breaths deeply with desire as Alex spreads his butt cheeks open with his hands and runs his tongue all around Josh’s smooth rim.
Josh’s ass drips with saliva as he gets up and licks and sucks on Alex’s seven inch dick. Alex is so excited and he tells his stepfather that he wants to fuck him. Josh kneels down and grips the end of the couch with all his might as Alex pierces the entrance to his hole and plunges his cock all the way in, right up to his loaded ball sack.
Josh and Alex pant heavily as Alex carries on thrusting his aching hard cock deep into him, sweat forms and trails down their hot bodies as they fuck all over the couch in different positions. Alex Mecum’s cock pulses and thickens as he fucks Josh on his back, his body trebles as he knows he is about to cum. He stands up and with a howl, his cum spurts out in thick juicy puddle over Joshes’ fucked body. Josh Peters lays there with his legs spread jerking franticly on his own cock and they both watch as his cum spills out onto his stomach. From now on, Alex will be more than happy to have his stepfather round for the night, but he won’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.
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