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Josh Peters and Alex Mecum star in this great step father son fantasy by for ‘Drill My Hole.’
College student, Alex Mecum, speaks to his mother on the phone. She has just rung him to tell him that his muscular stepfather, Josh Peters, will be in town and that he needs to stay the night at Alex’s place. Alex isn’t happy about it but agrees to what she asks, not long after the call there is a knock at the door and Josh walks in.
Alex tries to stay away from him but he comes home later that day to find Josh lying naked except for his tight white briefs on the couch. Alex tries to ignore him but finds it impossible when Josh, who is laying on his front now, pulls his briefs down and asks Alex if he wants a bit. Alex says no to begin with, but is quickly mesmerized by the site of his stepfather showing him his firm white ass.
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Alex can’t help himself as he gets on the couch on his knees and buries his tongue into Josh’s musky smelling asshole. Josh breaths deeply with desire as Alex spreads his butt cheeks open with his hands and runs his tongue all around Josh’s smooth rim.
Josh’s ass drips with saliva as he gets up and licks and sucks on Alex’s seven inch dick. Alex is so excited and he tells his stepfather that he wants to fuck him. Josh kneels down and grips the end of the couch with all his might as Alex pierces the entrance to his hole and plunges his cock all the way in, right up to his loaded ball sack.
Josh and Alex pant heavily as Alex carries on thrusting his aching hard cock deep into him, sweat forms and trails down their hot bodies as they fuck all over the couch in different positions. Alex Mecum’s cock pulses and thickens as he fucks Josh on his back, his body trebles as he knows he is about to cum. He stands up and with a howl, his cum spurts out in thick juicy puddle over Joshes’ fucked body. Josh Peters lays there with his legs spread jerking franticly on his own cock and they both watch as his cum spills out onto his stomach. From now on, Alex will be more than happy to have his stepfather round for the night, but he won’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.
Josh Peters is a good looking bearded man with a smooth hard body. He loves to be a bottom and has a seven inch cut cock. He is a six feet four inch giant with light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. This is Josh’s second flick with, and his other one is ‘Johnny And The Giant’ where he gets fucked by Jonny Rapid, an exclusive hot star to
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British hunk Gabriel Cross meets up with Topher Dimaggio in this fantastic hardcore movie by for ‘Men Of UK.’
Gabriel Cross is a fife foot five inches cute young man with blonde hair, sexy brown eyes and a smooth hard chest. He is the boy from next door that a lot of young men want to be, or want to have. He has a seven inch cut dick and is a horny bottom boy who craves a big hard dick inside him. Gabriel has stared in nine movies for including ‘Men Of Anarchy’ Parts 1 and 3, and he is also in ‘Ivy League’ Parts 1 and 3 where he gets his ass well and truly fucked in a British school fantasy.
Topher Dimaggio is a six foot two inch hunk with red hair and amazing green eyes. He has an eight and a half inch uncut dick and like to be versatile and doesn’t mind if he’s getting fucked, or doing the fucking, as long as its sex, this muscular man is more than happy. He has been in thirty hardcore flicks for and he is so popular that over 49,000 horny men watched him drill the ass off of Liam Magnuson, in ‘Top To Bottom 3.’
We are in South America; a hunky man with red hair and amazing green eyes and a smooth face enters the bar, it’s Topher Dimaggio. He sits down next to a good looking young student, who is Gabriel Cross, but doesn’t notice him at first. He asks for a drink in perfect Spanish and then his phone rings. Gabriel looks up at this point as he speaks English into it, and even tells his friend that it’s so hard to speak to people here as they don’t seem to speak any. Gabriel may be young but he knows what he, and his ass needs and starts talking to Topher. Topher is more than grateful to hear an English voice that he speaks back to him. Gabriel tells him that he is a student but he spends most of his time in this bar. When he asks him why, Gabriel gets up and tells him it’s because there are many hidden corners in this bar, and goes off with a big white smile. The bar man points to Topher that he should follow Gabriel. He does just that and realizes exactly what Gabriel wants as he sees him sitting waiting for him.
sideTheir hot wet lips meet and they kiss slowly but passionately. Their hands wander over each other’s hard bodies and they caress whatever they can. Gabriel is like a naughty puppy on hear and gets down on his knees and strokes on Dimaggio’s eight and a half inch dick and then puts it in his mouth and starts sucking. He cups Topher’s ginger balls in the palm of his hand and gently rolls them around as he carries on giving he a great blowjob. His cock is thick and long but Gabriel has no problem taking it to the back of his throat as he deep throats him slowly and without gagging.
They kiss and fondle each other again when he goes down and does the same to an excited Gabriel who groans out deeply in a kind of hunger lust. Gabriel is more than excited having a hunky man like Topher sucking on his dick, but wants his asshole seen to even more.
He turns around and bends over a cage as he spreads his bubble butt open and licks his smooth asshole with his tongue. There are two leather straps hanging down which Gabriel wraps around his wrists and keeps a hold of them whilst Dimaggio carries on lapping at his asshole with his probing tongue, getting it ready for his thick cock.
Gabriel gets what he has wanted at last as Topher Dimaggio stands up and slides his cock deep into his super tight asshole. Gabriel shouts out for him to fuck him, and he groans with pleasure as Gabriel’s asshole feels like a vice clamped around his cock as he drills him harder and harder with it.
Topher fucks and fucks him, never losing his pace as both men grunt and groan as they fuck in different positions in the corner of the bar. Gabriel Cross yells out, and as Topher feels his ass go into spasms around his cock, Gabriel sends his spunky cum blasting out and landing on his smooth body. Then tells him to get in the cage, which Gabriel happily does. Topher Dimaggio then sits on top of the cage and as he cums, Gabriel is waiting underneath him and catches his cum in his waiting mouth. Click here for more gaypornstars videos