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As I’m pretty lazy sometimes, I don’t want to go looking through a long list of similar things. I normally just go to the first page in google and pick out the first two or three sites.

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Best Gay Porn with Alex Mecum

Josh Peters and Alex Mecum star in this great step father son fantasy by malegalaxy.com for ‘Drill My Hole.’
College student, Alex Mecum, speaks to his mother on the phone. She has just rung him to tell him that his muscular stepfather, Josh Peters, will be in town and that he needs to stay the night at Alex’s place. Alex isn’t happy about it but agrees to what she asks, not long after the call there is a knock at the door and Josh walks in.
Alex tries to stay away from him but he comes home later that day to find Josh lying naked except for his tight white briefs on the couch. Alex tries to ignore him but finds it impossible when Josh, who is laying on his front now, pulls his briefs down and asks Alex if he wants a bit. Alex says no to begin with, but is quickly mesmerized by the site of his stepfather showing him his firm white ass.
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Josh Peters is a good looking bearded man with a smooth hard body. He loves to be a bottom and has a seven inch cut cock. He is a six feet four inch giant with light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. This is Josh’s second flick with Men.com, and his other one is ‘Johnny And The Giant’ where he gets fucked by Jonny Rapid, an exclusive hot star to Men.com.
Alex Mecum is so good that he won 2015 best new comer in the porn business. He is a very flexible and versatile bottom and has a seven inch cut dick. He has brown hair and has cheeky green eyes. Alex has starred in twenty seven hardcore movies for Men.com and stars in the new movie sensation, ‘Captain America : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2

Gay Pornstars Topher Dimaggio together with Gabriel Cross

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Topher Dimaggio is a six foot two inch hunk with red hair and amazing green eyes. He has an eight and a half inch uncut dick and like to be versatile and doesn’t mind if he’s getting fucked, or doing the fucking, as long as its sex, this muscular man is more than happy. He has been in thirty hardcore flicks for Men.com and he is so popular that over 49,000 horny men watched him drill the ass off of Liam Magnuson, in ‘Top To Bottom 3.’
We are in South America; a hunky man with red hair and amazing green eyes and a smooth face enters the bar, it’s Topher Dimaggio. He sits down next to a good looking young student, who is Gabriel Cross, but doesn’t notice him at first. He asks for a drink in perfect Spanish and then his phone rings. Gabriel looks up at this point as he speaks English into it, and even tells his friend that it’s so hard to speak to people here as they don’t seem to speak any. Gabriel may be young but he knows what he, and his ass needs and starts talking to Topher. Topher is more than grateful to hear an English voice that he speaks back to him. Gabriel tells him that he is a student but he spends most of his time in this bar. When he asks him why, Gabriel gets up and tells him it’s because there are many hidden corners in this bar, and goes off with a big white smile. The bar man points to Topher that he should follow Gabriel. He does just that and realizes exactly what Gabriel wants as he sees him sitting waiting for him.
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Want an Epically Fun Wedding? Get an Epic DJ

Far too many couples have suffered from uttering one of the most devastating sentences in wedding planning: “Let’s just ask [insert hipster name here] to DJ, she/he has great taste in music.” While this statement seems simple and sensical, be warned; allowing this idea to come to fruition may result in a serious reduction in the ‘epically fun level’ of your wedding.

Best Gay WEdding Blog EverNow, no offense to your music-afficionado friends. They are probably the best people to ask about your iTunes investment or where in the city to finally debut the twerking you’ve been practicing in the bathroom mirror. But a love of the best music does not automatically make someone a DJ. A talented disc jockey is a true artist, thoughtfully sampling from the immense world of music to masterfully intertwine epic bass lines, hip-thrashing beats, and soulful anthems to lead a crowded dance floor through a stereophonic experience.

If dancing and partying are an important part of your perfect reception, do not underestimate the significance of having an experienced DJ. Using your personal music tastes, favorite songs, and intended tone for the wedding, a talented DJ will be able to create a soundscape that allows your guests to get lost in the evening. Don’t rely on your tween nieces or your former-ballroom dancer relatives to keep the dance floor pumping. Be sure that the auditory experience of your guests compliments the story and setting you intend to convey with all the other sensory elements.

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverNow I’m sure you’re thinking, “Aren’t DJs expensive?” True, many DJ packages may seem like a big investment. But if it is a priority that your guests really ‘dance the night away,’ then you may want to seriously consider a package like this so you can throw the ‘biggest party of the year’ (plus many DJ packages include lighting, which is also an important element to you wedding, as described in this post). However, if this is an area where you cannot devote as much of your budget, take the time to find someone who actually has DJ experience.

So let’s do a quick check: If your cousin says, “I’ll be your DJ, I have all the best songs in my iPhone,” what is your response? If you would change the subject by saying, “Wow, you really look great, have you lost weight?,” congratulations! You’re one step closer to ensuring every sensory detail contributes to your dream wedding. (And if you even thought about saying, “Sure, at least I can check that off the planning list,” I urge you to seek counseling as soon as possible. Change starts with you. But I digress…)

Ask Kristen! – A Small Affair

Bob from Ashland, Oregon asks: My partner and I are planning to get married in New York City. We want a simple ceremony after getting our license at the City Clerk’s office. We will be having two couples and close family members all from California in attendance. Since we are all from out of state I’m having some difficulty getting things arranged. Again we would like a simple but meaningful ceremony. Can you help us?

First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We hear from lots of couples who opt to keep things small and simple, and the beauty of this plan is that you will get to celebrate the happiest day of your life with just your closest friends and family (and not your mumbling Uncle Wolfgang that you HAD to invite to round out the numbers!)

Not to brag, but the fact that you are coming to NYC for your wedding already makes it a meaningful special soiree. NYC is the best city on earth, who wouldn’t want to get married here! But I digress…

In the spirit of keeping things simple, the first thing you should decide is what your priorities are… Take a minute to think of your dream wedding. What was the most important element to you? Was it the vows, the location, the food, the music, the wardrobe, the pictures, the flowers…? Choose one or two elements to focus your attention and money on, and keep the rest simple.

Above all, every wedding, no matter the size, is fueled by the love of the couple and the love of the people surrounding them. Invite your guests to be an active part in this monumental occasion by asking them to help create a heartfelt guest book, participate in a unity candle ceremony, or provide their best wishes through toasts in the celebration to follow your ceremony. But be sure to give a strict time limit on toasts. Anything longer than three minutes runs the risk of becoming a Shakespearean soliloquy…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Simple doesn’t have to mean meaningless it just means fuss free. And let’s be honest, fuss free is fabulous!

How to Create a Seating Chart with Minimal Injury

Picture it: Sicily 1942, a soon-to-be married sap sits in front of an oversized floorplan of a his reception space with small circles spattered throughout. He sits with a pile of pins in one hand, and a whiskey on the rocks in the other. You start off feeling brave but soon your exasperation becomes evident as you watch your fiance move one person after another with such fierceness your head begins to spin. The next thing you know a pin of epic proportion is seen flying through the air just before it pierces your hand! Well we do not want to hear of anyone suffering an unintentional acupuncture nightmare, so let’s set some ground rules that will make planning your seating chart a fun experience for you, and most importantly set your guests up to have an amazing time at your wedding.

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverThis first one is the MOST important: Plan your seating chart with your guests in mind! I know you want to do everything according to what your Aunt Pam says was at every wedding she’s been to, but put that aside for a minute. Think about your friends an

d family carefully, and decide who they should be surrounded with in order to have a great time. Just because you have two uncles does not mean they have to sit at the same table; if your boo has a coworker that you know would have your uncle is stitches, be the loving matchmaker and put those two together! By bringing the right mix of personalities together at your tables, you’ll ensure that everyone is having a great time throughout your wedding.

Best Gay Wedding Blog Ever

Also, start with the obvious and work backwards. Most seating charts will begin with your wedding party, so get that settled first before moving on to other tables. If you have certain friends or family that need to be sitting in a particular location, get those in place next. And then consider the rest of your floorplan. If you are having a bar, think about putting those who won’t be drinking away from that area, and add some convenience for those spending most of their time ordering drinks anyways. Think about areas with high traffic, like the dance floor, and consider having guests who may need a little more time to move around a haven away from too many passing guests.

Finally, leave some breathing room for last minute changes. We all know that people can be flakes, and you have to account for some last minute additions from missing RSVPs. Fight the urge to just have an ‘overflow’ table: You’ll end up with an awkward table with people who may not enjoy sitting together… and you for sure don’t want a table full of people glaring at you from the back of the room. Instead, try and leave a couple spots open throughout the space for that last minute shuffling. That way, you can ensure that family and friends can be placed in an area that will be more fun for everyone. And if there happens to be extra space at a few tables, those guests will certainly appreciate having space to stretch out after a full meal and hard dancing!

Whether you find it nostalgic to pull out the pinboard, or use a speadsheet to plan out your seating chart, keeping your purpose in mind will help you to create an experience for your guests that will be fun and memorable.

How to Add Drama with Lighting

When it comes to wedding decor, most people will first think about colors, linens, flowers, and other important elements. However, there is one element to decor that many may not think about, and yet can prove to be the element that can have the biggest effect on a space… and no, the answer is not whether the drapes match the carpet! The correct answer is: lighting! You want your wedding to be visually appealing, and light is the only way you’re actually going to see any of the other beautiful elements in place (unless you’re having a reception completely in pitch black… and if so, send us an invite because that sounds crazy!). Here are some things to keep in mind when considering options for lighting:

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverUse mood lighting to create a luxurious effect. Your space should already have built-in lighting that will allow the space to function (so people can actually see what they are doing). Your job is to add to the space with additional lighting. Start with the architecture in the space. What can you draw attention to with light? Look at walls with different textures, the window surroundings, or columns. Uplighting can add drama to these elements, or purposefully-directed overhead lighting can draw focus to the best elements in your space. If your events are during the day, take advantage of natural lighting where you can, but look for any areas that may be hidden or lost in the ambient lighting. Find a way to add that drama.

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverHighlight focus areas with light. You want your guests’ attention towards all of the details and not your brother’s unibrow. So ditch the florescent lighting and get creative. Here are a couple great lighting ideas: Flank your ceremony location with lighting to add drama to photos and add visual appeal to your vows. If your cake or dessert table is a masterpiece, make sure it’s lit like art in a gallery. Or if you want your sweetheart table to be the center of the action, make sure that’s apparent with special lighting that draws the eye to you throughout the evening.

Choose your colors carefully. Imagine for a minute that you are highlighting a gorgeous navy blue in your wedding decor. If a wash of blue lighting is used in your space, the color will actually be lost, as a blue light will effectively black-out your blue elements making everything too dark. Instead, be sure that the color of lighting will complement and bring out the colors of your decor. That’s not to say that you can’t use the same colors in lighting, but a better option is to incorporate blue uplighting around the perimeter for effect and use soft ivory pinspot lighting on the table. This will insure that the navy blue is apparent in your design while not losing the details. Speaking of lost details, this reminds me of that time I got carried away with a tweezer. Talk about details getting lost – tell that to what’s left of my eyebrows. Yikes! But I digress…

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverNow think carefully before you decide to do lighting on your own. If you are confident in your skills, you can find companies that will rent you equipment. However, just like a bad high school production of Grease, poor lighting can make Sandy look fat or worse detract from your event. So it’s worth looking at professional lighting packages. Often, lighting is a part of a package provided by your DJ, so ask for photos and make sure everything is cohesive.

Ask Kristen!

Wedding Planner: Local or Destination?
Diana from Saginaw asks: When you get married in a different city/state than the one you live in, do you hire a wedding planner in the city you live in or the city you’re getting married in?

Planning a wedding in another city can really be a challenge for even the most organized bride or groom. In your case, I would most definitely hire a wedding planner in the city where the actual wedding is going to take place. Not only can a local wedding planner use their connections find vendors like florists, photographers and caterers to make your special day perfect, but a local wedding planner can also help you out in a pinch… like telling you where to get a flask that will fit in your back pocket for when your family starts driving you nuts at the rehearsal dinner, 0r where to quickly locate a beauty supply store when your flat iron looks too much like a weapon of mass destruction to make it through airport security. Whatever the reason, go local. Finally, a long distance relationship worth the hassle.

Have a wedding planning woe that could use a second opinion? Just Ask Kristen!

How to Dress Your Wedding Party

If you are anything like me the last thing you want to think about when it comes to your wedding is, how the hell am I going to make all the bridesmaids and groomsmen happy when it comes time to chose outfits. If your lamentations have turned into downright nightmares, trust me, you are not alone. Although…If your nightmares consist of running for your life through a foggy maze from an enraged and drunk Lady Gaga holding a tuxedo made only out of honey-cured ham, we should talk, because I had that exact same dream last night!!! Weeeeeeird! If you didn’t have that dream, read on. I have a couple of tips that will make choosing outfits for you wedding party a breeze.

1. Consider style. Planning a memorable wedding is a detail oriented task. Start by considering how your wedding party will contribute to the over all design of the wedding. Remember, your friends are there to stand up for you and for your love. So why not werk it to your advantage! I don’t see why they cant up stand up for your love AND look like gorgeously attired statues at the same time. That means, if your wedding is modern, keep the clothes tailored, clean, and interesting. If your wedding is formal, drape the girls in gorgeous floor length gowns that tell your guests this wedding means business. If your wedding is themed and has been inspired by the 1970’s dress your boys in richly hued velvet tuxedos complete with patent leather shoes. But opt for a tailored slim fitting jacket and pant over the not-so-flattering bell-bottom. This conveys the theme while remaining modern and fashionable.

2. Consider Cost: I have seen wedding party dresses that cost anywhere from $180 to $3,000. You know what happened when I saw that $3,000 dress? First, I passed out. Second, I got up. Third, I wondered how the hell I ended up on the ground in the first place. And then it hit me like the hardwood floor I was just laying on! I hadn’t set a budget. Big Mistake. Making a budget and sticking to it helps to avoid unfortunate encounters with gorgeous pink Oscar de la Renta gowns. So, if your limit is $300, don’t even entertain dresses
above that price point.

3. Consider Body Type: If your wedding party has a variety of body-types (like most weddings do), consider choosing an outfit that will be flattering on mostly anyone. If you have any “plus-size” girls or boys, try fitting them first. Chances are that if that person is happy, the rest will be as well. Fit is the most important element, and if you get the fit right, you’re golden!!

Follow these three simple steps and you will be on your way to having a stress-free, fun-filled day out with your friends shopping. Don’t follow these rules and you just might end up running down street from an intoxicated Gaga! Nah, I’m just kidding. Gaga is on tour, I checked!

How to Put On a Fabulous Gay Wedding

Hi there, my name is Kristen-Alexzander Griffith. I am a twenty-something year old man living in NYC. Alright, alright I am 28 years old, there I said it. Now that we have gotten the ugly truth out of the way we can get to the real dirt! Soooo…I’m getting married…to a man!!! I know, I know, you are so excited for me and happy that I have found love in this city of strangers. Or is that Chicago. Well, either way I am excited too!!! But honestly, we all know that weddings can be stressful when trying to plan them ourselves. They can be even more stressful when you are a gay man trying to plan a wedding. While I am able to live up to most of the stereotypes, (you know… good looking, well groomed, well organized, well versed and oh, did I mention good looking?) I am clueless when it comes to a gay wedding. I was so shocked when I put in a simple google search for “gay weddings” and came up with a handful of crappy listings as results. It’s like all of these heterosexual establishments the day they approved gay marriage in New York decided to get together and put a gay flag banner on their website just to draw in an untapped market. Booooo/Hissss! One website is for a business based in JERSEY, hello!! We can’t cross state lines yet sister, give me a break!!

The truth is, there was and still is very little information about what colors work, where to have the damn thing and most of all how to make a wedding cake masculine while still fulfilling every gay groom’s dream. Hey since we are gay grooms why don’t I go ahead and call us “ga-rooms.” Huh, cute? I hate it! Nope, I’m going back to grooms. I guess that is part of my initial frustration, how do you find your identity as a gay couple about to tie the knot without history to show you the way. It’s kind of exciting to be part of a generation that will usher in new traditions and practices when it comes to weddings. Oh, and for all you haters out there – gay men and women like things that are traditional too. It’s the things that are traditional and UGLY that we have no tolerance for. That you can keep for yourself. Trust me when I tell you, you are only doing you and your wedding party a disservice when you decide to wear white, knowing good and well they used 3 yards of fabric just for the waist line; and you sir, in the cummerbund, shame on you sir, no man should be caught dead in the same thing pimply-faced boys wear to junior prom! Shame!! But I digress…

I thought it was time to hear stories and advice straight from the horse’s mouth, that horse being your’s truly!! So over the next, I dunno, year or so you and I will go on a journey. A journey to the big day: our wedding. I will share with you all the juicy experiences as my lovely groom and I try to figure out how the hell we are going to pull of a fabulous wedding on a budget. I am sure this experience will be full of hilarious stories, tears of joy, tragic tuxedos and terrible wedding cake! But best believe, by the time we are done you and your future Mr. or Mrs. will certainly know one thing: What not to do when planning your wedding!